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Get Rid of Rising Damp with Aquapol Australia

Posted : Tuesday 9th of August 2022

Location : SYDNEY-NSW-2000 (NSW - Sydney)


AQUAPOL AUSTRALIA is delighted to bring the extraordinary AQUAPOL system to Australia, where rising damp is a very common problem for masonry structures. As an environmentally-aware nation, we are increasingly looking for eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions to handling our surroundings. The AQUAPOL System is a revolutionary and totally environmentally-friendly system designed to eradicate rising damp in masonry materials such as stone, bricks and mortar. It is revolutionary in that it does not use ANY invasive techniques whatsoever: there is no drilling or cutting and no toxic chemicals are used. It does not even require any electricity or batteries and therefore emits no electro-magnetic fields.


This award-winning invention has been used internationally for over 20 years, with more than 49,000 units installed to date. AQUAPOL AUSTRALIA is very proud to now be able to offer this holistic solution to the problem of rising damp in Australia.


Rising damp can be incredibly destructive to masonry which can lead to substantial financial losses for the building owner if left unhandled. It is also well documented that the accompanying mould and bacteria present with rising damp can have mild to very serious impacts on a persons health. Rising damp needs to be eradicated to look after your most important assets.


For centuries it has been a major challenge to dry out walls and keep them dry. Traditionally rising damp has been treated with heavily invasive measures such as toxic chemicals, cutting and drilling, all of which can cost a fortune, are not eco-friendly, can be very disruptive and often do not entirely remedy the situation, (but may provide a temporary solution). The eco-friendly alternative to building dehydration and damp control is the AQUAPOL system which uses natural energy, can eradicate rising damp, is easily installed, and has zero maintenance.

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