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Mortgage Broker in Sydney. Pay less for your Mortgage! Save $$$$$

Posted : Monday 9th of July 2018

Location : BONDI JUNCTION-NSW-2022 (NSW - Sydney)

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Save Money on your Mortgage and get a Pre-Approval to buy a home.

I am a Mortgage Broker: I help people to save money on the mortgage, get a pre-approval to buy a home, and more...

Do you have a mortgage or are you planning to buy a property?
I can:
- show you the best rates on the market,
- find out your borrowing power,
- help you where your bank has said a NO.

Always remember: different banks have different policies, what is a NO for a bank could be a YES for another one.

Sometimes property investors get told from their bank that they cannot borrow more money to buy addition properties. Sometimes, it is still possible with other lenders who has a different policy or a more favourable servicing calculator which allows you to borrow more.

Why people see me?
Multiple reasons:
- finding a bank with a cheaper rate to save money on their current mortgage,
- finding a bank which will lend more money than their own,
- finding a bank which can accept your desired property as security when your bank has refused it (case by case)
- bad credit history (default, bankruptcy, judgements, court writs, too many credit enquiries, debt with ATO, etc).
- unconventional employment situation: casual work, on probation, contract work or subcontractors, and agency work,
- self-employed,
- on maternity leave,
- low deposit (borrow up 95% of the property value, conditions apply)
- no deposit but with a guarantor who has equity in his own property,
- 457 Visa and other eligible visas,

There is no cost for you, feel you free to contact me.
I operate in Sydney Only.

M:    0 4 2 1    7 9 1    3 1 5 
E:     [email protected]


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