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FM AM extended range radio Antenna Home Camping Caravan

Posted :30+ days old

Website/Blog :

Location : HAYMARKET-NSW-2000 (NSW - Sydney)

Price : $75.00



FM / AM ANTENNA (52cm housing "RG6-Quad shield F-type connector")

* some SW gather.


(Price is lowered because it is a little over-zealous without actual e-commerce charges such as "percent take" / "checkout vendor percentage" / "GST (from ABN)"

HOWEVER, the antenna is extremely efficient and designed with a composite of physics principles apart the fact the material resources in it are better and more than most antennas)


This antenna is well made although in a rough appearance skin (not a mere home made)  !

NOTE; Although the picture does not show here the antenna is completely sealed waterproof.

Principally outdoor mount  for home stereo systems ( resilient construction for boating also - note 1.5 Kg antenna 1 and 1/4' ) to mount above the roof, 1.5 Kg antenna 52cm long approx so eaves mounted simply needs to be above the roof on an antenna pole but is a little heavy.


Demo video URLs

(tested with 5 meters standard RG-6):

"Typical performance" (mounted properly is with element above roof level with no more than 5 meters of standard RG6 (up to 10 meters acceptable for this also) and no major signal blockage (e.g. hill or high rise) within 100 meters) in a city environment for listening to

a local 200 watt community stations has maximum 12 Km as good reception listening quality in good weather (around 10km in rain)

150 Kw station (150,000 watts  general commercial FM station power) 80km maximum good quality reception in good weather ("undefined" by terrain and other possible obstructions over such extents)(correction of following - clear at 60km minor variabilities at 80km)

40 Kw station (40,000 watts) is heard at 60Km with background static hiss not quite listening quality (varies better or this)!

 The previous are consistent results of tests with a lower sensitivity receiver set in a city area with undulating terrain and only physical mount position optimal (2 meters high) below terrain crest but not serious impeding environment.


(no telephone – mobile is bad enough – payphones cost immensity)

C.O.D. as/or Pick up mostly - daylight AH from a designated point in center of town (Sydney) , would be happy to help/do install too if possible. Postage 10 dollars extra - direct cash deposit accepted after conferring and verified (NO CHEQUE DEPOSITS whether neg or non-neg - they are  automatically blocked)



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