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Randwick Council brings sustainability to your school

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February 17, 2016

We'll bring sustainability to your school
Educate students about waste and recycling
Randwick City Council believes it's vital to educate the children in our area on the best ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste.

We work closely with schools in our area to develop educational programs and provide interactive waste and recycling workshops. Find out more about our involvement with schools.

How to reduce waste in your school
If you're looking for ways to reduce the waste produced at your school, here are some ideas to get you started:

Reuse paper: Put scrap paper trays in your classroom so students can reuse old paper
Recycle: Set up recycling bins in each classroom
Set up a Green Team: Create a team of students to organise green activities for each year group
Low-waste lunch days: Encourage students to bring lunches with no, or minimal, packaging. This can also be a weekly event or an annual National Recycling Week event.
School waste audits
Involve the whole school in a waste audit to determine where your waste is coming from and how much waste your school is generating.

You can use this information to plan ways to reduce your overall waste through avoidance, reuse and recycling.

For information on how to carry out a school waste audit, visit the Department of Education's Sustainable Schools website.

Composting and worm farming for schools
Set up a compost or worm farm system for food waste and use special food collection buckets at recess and lunchtime to collect waste. This can then be emptied into your compost or worm farm.

You can buy compost bins and worm farms from the Council's Community Nursery.

Visit the Easy Worm Farming guide and the Easy Composting guide on the Environment and Heritage website.

Waste workshops for schools
Schools Waste and Recycling workshops are provided by the Council to educate students about waste and the environment, waste reduction and recycling.

For more information, or to arrange a workshop, contact our Waste Education officer on 1300 722 542.

School Clean-up Day
Schools can hold a School Clean-up Day on the Friday before Clean Up Australia Day, giving students the opportunity to learn more about the impact of waste on the environment.

Visit the Clean Up Australia Day website.

School paper and container recycling
Randwick City Council offers a free fortnightly paper and container recycling collection service for schools in our area.

If your school doesn't currently receive a recycling service, please contact the Council's Waste Education Officer by calling 1300 722 542, and/or we can visit your school to determine your collection needs.

Eastern Suburbs Sustainable Schools Network (ESSSN)
ESSSN is a forum for teachers and parents, associated with schools in the Eastern Suburbs, to discuss new environmental sustainability initiatives and programs for more effective learning.

The network meets each term at a different school in the Eastern Suburbs to discuss current environmental projects, hear about upcoming Events and connect teachers and parents who have a passion for sustainability education in our schools.

Find out the dates and details of the next meeting.

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